Everything on this page is of the Hexagon House Resort BEFORE the property was "converted" into The Woods, but remained under the same ownership.

 Resort owner, Carl Bruno mans the restaurant's reception desk.

 Resort owner, Carl Bruno with his Aunt Rose who traveled all the way from Brooklyn, NY to visit her nephew's new resort.

 Owner, Al Knopka (far left) with Carl Bruno, actress, Betty Hutton, and guests during Grand Opening celebrations, 1979.

 Carl Bruno with actress, Betty Hutton. 


 Carl Bruno and Betty Hutton make rounds greeting guests.


 Owners, Al Knopka (left) and Gene Arnaiz Jr. enjoying themselves after dinner.

 Owner, Al Knopka made the perfect bar manager!

 Betty Hutton welcomes guests to the Grand Opening festivities.

 Carl Bruno's, Aunt Rose sits down for dinner.


 Now that's a beautiful shrimp bowl!


  Chef Rick arranges the food.

 The food was maintained at a high level of quality, contistent with Hexagon House's past fine reputation.


 Carl Bruno with entertainer, Sharon McNight.








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