The Woods sign on a fence surrounding the property.
Another view of Hexagon House from Armstrong Woods Road.

The short lived Woods Country Cafe.
Great Room in Hexagon House. The fountain in the middle of the room was removed, wood flooring was laid, and sound and lighting were installed for the conversion into a dance floor.
Woods Owner, Gene Arnaiz Jr. designed the wood dance floor that was installed in the Great Room - here seen from above.
Hexagon House restaurant as it appeared when the resort was still know as Hexagon House. This is prior to the new ownership by Carl Bruno, Gene Arnaiz Jr. and Al Knopka.

Another view of the burned area of the building. This is the only fire that occured under this ownership, but there were more fires to come in the future of this property...













Entry to Hexagon House from Armstrong Woods Road.
The Woods Resort is to the left, Armstrong Woods State Park is straight ahead...
No need to hide, you are among friends... Oh, it's just the sun!
Another view of the Hexagon House Great Room, opposite side, looking out to Armstrong Woods Road.

Another view of the Great Room in Hexagon House. Notice that the dance floor lighting had already been installed.
The Cabaret Room in Hexagon House.

An electrical fire erupted in the second floor laundry of the motel unit.
The damage from this fire (middle of photo) was fixed within  a few days...